Bernard Patrick Labaste

Bernard Patrick Labaste (born 1942) is the half-brother of Guy Debord (1931-1994), radical cultural critic and founding member of the Situationist International (1957-1972).

Bernard Patrick Labaste Archive

Spanning the period between ca. 1919 and 1980, the Bernard Patrick Labaste Archive comprises material related to, or by Guy Debord. Compiled by his half-brother Bernard Patrick Labaste, the collection consists of rare, private photographs of Guy Debord and his family. It also contains correspondence by Debord to his mother Pauline Debord-Labaste, to his half-brother Patrick Labaste, and to his half-sister Michele Labaste.

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Bernard Patrick Labaste

Bernard Labaste (dit Patrick) was born in Nice, France in 1942  as the illegitimate son of Pauline Debord (nee Rossi), mother of Guy Debord and widow of Martial Debord. As his older sister Michele (1940-1976), he was adopted by Pauline's second husband Charles Labaste in 1945. Labaste was a notary from Nice, whom Pauline had met in 1943.