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Domus in the Eisenman Collection

Domus is an architecture and design magazine founded in 1928 by Gio Ponti and Giovanni Semeria, who envisioned a monthly magazine with an international perspective  that would circulate ideas of style in homemaking and furnishing. Over the years, Domus has explored wide-ranging trends and issues in the fields of architecture, the applied arts, industrial design, art, urban planning, editorial and advertising graphics, and digital communications.

Domus holdings at the Beinecke

Selection of spreads from assorted issues of Domus


The architect (the artist) must imagine for each window a person at the sill; for each door a person passing through; for each stair a person going up or down; for each portico a person loitering; for each foyer two persons meeting; for each terrace somebody resting; for each room, somebody living within.


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