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Utopie was a group of architects, sociologists, and urbanists active in Paris from 1967 to 1978, which published an eponymous journal.


Utopie/Aérolande Collection


The Utopie group was formed in the late 1960s by a collective of architects, urbanists, and sociologists who wanted to challenge postwar modernization and urban planning. Their aims were shaped by the student protests for the reform of higher education in France, the unprecedented expansion and urban planning of Paris during the presidency of Charles de Gaulle, and the proliferation and naturalization of industrial technologies within the emerging consumer society. In their critique of the technocratic and administrative rule over an alienated urban society, Utopie offered a militant counterpoint to professional architectural and urbanism journals of the time. The group worked collaboratively, and their eponymous journal, which was published between 1967 and 1977, featured the work of Jean Aubert, Isabelle Auricoste, Jean Baudrillard, Catherine Cot, Charles Goldblum, Jean-Paul Jungmann, Henri Lefebvre, Rene Lourau, Antoine Stinco, and Hubert Tonka.


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Utopia Deferred, collection of essays published by Jean Baudrillard in Utopie, published by MIT Press, 2006.

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